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Victor at the helmI went to Zimbabwe on the 8th - 22nd May on mission along Lake Kariba with a team led by Bruce Douglas. My expectation for this trip was that I would learn something new, and I did!

My trip to Zimbabwe. 

Arriving in Zimbabwe after a very long Journey, I was warmly met by Bruce and his wife Sue who met me at the Airport. After a two hour car journey we finally arrived at Lion’s Den. The next day I had the opportunity to meet Bruce’s son and his family and we had church on the veranda, which was refreshing and we worshipped and encouraged one another with prophetic words. The presence of God was strongly felt in that gathering.
Team at Lake Kariba
The following day  we headed off to Lake Kariba where we met the rest of the team who had come from South Africa. The journey began by sailing down Lake Kariba, and this boat would be our home and the deck, my bed, for the next six days!  Our mission was to visit the Tonga People in their villages and reach out to them with God’s love, Word and His power.

The first village, a fishing village, took us ten hours sailing down the lake over a two day period. Meanwhile during the journey on the boat, the team had an amazing time seeking God and worshipping Him. God ministered to each one of us. The experience of meeting the village was unexpected as many of the people had already heard the gospel and were very open in asking questions about our denomination which Bruce addressed and clarified that Jesus is not into denomination. I preached to them from John 10:10.  The second day people approached us with a different attitude and were more willing to listen to what we had to tell them about Jesus. That was encouraging to see that God was working in their hearts.
Walking an hour and a half through the bush to meet the peopleGoing into the villages
For the second village that we visited, we had to walk an hour and a half after getting off the boat through the bush. Arriving there we were greeted by people who welcomed us with singing and dancing. Their church was a gathering of over 20 people and children, held under a tree. Mark was the leader of the church, and he was the result of Bruce discipling him.

God put on my heart to tell people about His love. I preached on John 3:16 and was able to pray for the sick and whoever needed prayer. I was encouraged that whenever I prayed the translator joined in and began praying for the sick as well.

What have I learned from this trip?  Firstly, I need to do things out of resting in God. Secondly, I learned that you need to ask God how to pray or ask for the Holy Spirit to reveal the route of the problem.

This trip has encouraged me to consider bringing a team to Zimbabwe and experience this for themselves and to experience the presence of God in a different way. I had a valuable time spent with Bruce, learning from him some of the experiences, revelations and understanding.
Walking through the woods with the tribeThe team with children they loved
Sights in the villagesTonga Village Life
The Team at Lion's Den