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Over fourteen days it was our vision to drive into three villages: Nicolaivca, Gavanoasa and Cucoara to share Christ to children and adults through games, songs, craft, prayer and preaching the gospel.

Our team comprised of four members from our church, Bury Christian Fellowship:  Ruth, Ian, Rod and Ron, and Kelly From the Upper Room in Rochdale. Ron had a refurbished camper van which he drove through Europe with Victor to Moldova and travelled back in with Ian taking four days to reach Moldova via ferry to Calais, through Holland, Germany, Hungary and Romania while four of us flew out to meet them at Chișinău airport.

The highlights of the trip included:

  • Partnering with Christians from Moldova.
  • Seeing peoples lives touched when hearing the gospel and testimonies from each team member.
  • 22 people came to know Christ and others wanted to receive bibles.
  • Ministered to over 100 children with the message of Jesus, and each prayed to ask Jesus to come and live with them.
  • Despite cultural differences and language barriers God used all things to work together, even when things didn’t go as planned.
  • Being able to work with a group of missionaries from America: interestingly they were from Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Croatia but had lived or been brought up in America. Now they had come to do mission in Cahul, Moldova.

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Evangelistic Mission in Moldova

Luther and Sandy Meier, VP of Missionary Ventures International, just returned from Latvia and Russia on a two weeks mission. Their involvement there has spanned 25 years, witnessing God’s mighty hand touch and change lives of all ages. More to come shortly.

at a Kid’s Camp in the woods One of the church based rehab centres
Speaking to 220 children and 70 adults at a Kid’s Camp in the woods Ministering the Word in one of the church based rehab centres
Radio Station visited by Luther Luther delivering a prophesy in Latvia on a live radio
The Radio Station Luther ministered out from Delivering a prophesy in Latvia on a live radio station to a Russian speaking audience

Victor at the helmI went to Zimbabwe on the 8th - 22nd May on mission along Lake Kariba with a team led by Bruce Douglas. My expectation for this trip was that I would learn something new, and I did!

My trip to Zimbabwe. 

Arriving in Zimbabwe after a very long Journey, I was warmly met by Bruce and his wife Sue who met me at the Airport. After a two hour car journey we finally arrived at Lion’s Den. The next day I had the opportunity to meet Bruce’s son and his family and we had church on the veranda, which was refreshing and we worshipped and encouraged one another with prophetic words. The presence of God was strongly felt in that gathering.
Team at Lake Kariba
The following day 

Fiona and Alan: From Scotland to South AfricaGeneral 

Since the end of July until now we have been away on ministry with only a day here and there at home. It commenced with a trip to Zambia followed by attending two confer-ences, back-to-back, then hosting a couple from Scotland, accommodating an MV Cana-da team to Swaziland and a short trip to Mozambique. Although a very busy and blessed time we do feel tired of all the travelling. Now we have to spend time in getting all our ad-ministration up-to-date …. 

Fiona with the childrenAlan & Fiona from Scotland 

We were recently blessed with a visit from Alan & Fiona as they came to visit and minister to the children at Nthuse Day Care Cen-tre located on the outskirts of our hometown, Tzaneen here in South Africa. 

Alan & Fiona got married in May this year. When asked what wedding gifts they would appreciate they responded by saying that people attending the wedding can rather make a financial donation for Nthuse Day Care Centre than buying them any gifts. 

Let’s be honest, how many of us would not accept wedding gifts and ask for donations for someone or something else? Very few of us would even consider doing the above. Nthuse is truly blessed by this couple and their hearts for giving. 

Alan with the children

With the monies donated at the wedding Nthuse is able to com-mence building a much needed kitchen. This will result in a second classroom becoming available as is the requirement by the govern-ment for a pre-school. 

On the final day of Alan & Fiona’s visit we purchased KFC meals for lunch for the children. Some children were so overwhelmed of this meal as they have never eaten KFC before. Others packed some of their meal into containers to take home and share with their family. However it was a huge blessing for the children. 

We want to thank Alan & Fiona for the way they have blessed Nthuse and their generous hearts for giving en-abling the pre-school to build the kitchen. 


Missions Team (Nels: Team Leader, back row, middle)

In June, a team of six ladies from Oasis Church, Feltham, travelled to Sligo in the Republic of Ireland, on a mission organised with Eric & Lyndsey D’Errico, the MV Field co-ordinators in Sligo, and their American interns: Erin Gieseke and Hadassah Nimtz. The aim of the mission was to reach the local ladies, and a ladies’ conference was organised for the Saturday. The venue hired for this occasion was fantastic, a renovated old chapel which had once belonged to a local hospital, which was beautifully refurbished. It was chosen as a neutral venue, which would appeal to both Catholics and Protestants.

Mission in ZimbabweOn Saturday 10th May 2014 six Brits travelled together to Harare Zimbabwe to have the experience of a lifetime. I had the privilege of being one of them. Rob had shared at the MV conference the wonderful experience he had had sailing to remote villages and sharing the love of Jesus with the Tonga people on the beautiful shores of Lake Kariba. God had stirred our hearts to be involved and go see for ourselves. We were excited at the prospect of what God was going to do in and through us. Bruce and Sue Douglas who own the Disciple Ship (our home for nine days), were to be our guides and hosts for the duration of the trip.

Emma and ErikaI received a prophecy in June saying “I See India over you, you’re going to have an amazing time working with the local people over there.” A month later I was invited to go to India in November with Missionary Ventures so I decided I had better go. I had never been to India or been on a mission trip before and was feeling apprehensive, but off I went with Rob, Erika Carter and Bruce Millar on 22nd November.

As we arrived, our host Malaki presented us with garlands made of fresh flowers, they smelt lovely. We then travelled to their family home where we would stay for the next 6 days.  I felt so welcomed there and at peace.

Flying out to Moldova

“Seeds of Hope” was the message taken to Moldova by a ladies prayer team from Missionary Ventures from 8th – 14th June this year. The team led by Francine Millar the office manager had an interesting international flavour. Francine originally from the south of England now lives in Bury. Margaret Lloyd is local girl from 

Shakespear examining eyes

Wow what a great mission, one of the best we have ever done. Rex and Melinda were given quite a challenge when asked if we could combine, a pastor’s conference with an eye clinic, evangelism and a filming session to test out a new glazing machine. Not only was all of this achieved but we were also brought before high level political figures in the region and were given the opportunity to speak on a live radio chat show with listeners tuning in from The Congo and Sudan.

Macedonia Team1 Thessalonians 1v 3 ‘We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers. We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labour prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ’

An open mission team drawn from churches across England was privileged to visit various mission partners in 

Great Commission Action Ministries Community ChurchWe took a team from Longton Community church to visit Rex and Melinda in Kitgum, Northern Uganda for a 7 day missions trip.

The main focus of our visit was to empower the local leaders within the church, encouraging and supporting their work within the community. Rex and Melinda have worked alongside Pastor Tony and his team in developing this ministry at Great Commission Action Ministries Community Church.