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Welcome to Missionary Ventures Great Britain and Europe.

 We are an international mission organisation and a UK registered charity committed to preaching the gospel and making disciples to impact the nations for Christ. 

Our mission is to provide Christians and churches with great opportunities to get involved in what God is doing around the world.

We do this in three main ways

sending short-term mission teams overseas, raising up short and long term missionaries together with administrating and raising funds for programmes and projects.


Brother JayarajuBrother Jayaraju familyIn the last nine months, Pastor Jayaraju has pioneered new works in 4 different villages. He has shared the Gospel with many people and prayed for their difficult situations. To God’s glory, Pastor Jayaraju has water baptised 8 people and 6 other people are ready to take baptism. He is now praying to start ministry in 3 different villages and one town.

Incomplete Church BuildingThis pastor is in the process of discipling 4 believers. One of these disciples is ready to take care take of the believers in one of the new villages. And this disciple is now discipling three families and four young people. But this disciple’s parent is considering to cut him off as a son and not inherit the land. But he is praying for his family to know Jesus as the Lord of their lives and praying for the ministry that God has entrusted him.
Prayer Requests for Pastor Jayaraju:
  • Please pray for his wife and 3 children
  • Pray for the church building completion, pending for a long time. He has the land but no funds for the building. Presently there is only a small structure a with roof but no walls. 
  • Please pray for the new works which God started through Jayaraju in four different villages.
  • Pray for his safe travel on his motorcycle. 
Village Idol worshipper wreaks havoc
Venkateswarlu was an orthodox worshiper of several deities from his birth, a tradition from many generations. One day, Pastor Jayaraju came to his particular village sharing the message of the Gospel to the people. Venkateswarlu strongly it and even tried to chase him out of the village. Later, when Venkateswarlu found out his son came to know the Lord while studying in the city, he tore up his son’s Bible when he found him reading it. Nevertheless, many came to know the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and were water baptised.
One of the new believers was Venkateswarlu’s mother! But with tears and a heart full of distress, she approached Pastor Jayaraju. She pleaded with him to forgive her son, visit his house and pray for his healing. Upon explaining further, she described how he was now suffering with tongue cancer. Although they tried treatments from medical experts in towns and cities, the tumour was spreading and death was imminent.
Please pray with usAfter hearing all this, Pastor Jayaraju immediately accepted her invitation to visit her son. He prayed for healing and later said, “Doctors could fail you but Jesus never will.” God started working in his life both physically and spiritually. His tongue started to improve, and Venkateswarlu gave his life to the Lord.

Now some of Venkateswarlu’s friends and relatives are opposing the church and
the Gospel.
  • Please do pray for Venkateswarlu, his wife and son to stand firm in their faith.
  • Pray for his complete healing from tongue cancer.
  • Pray for their relatives & friends to know the truth like Venkateswarlu, his mother, his wife & son have come to know.
Unfettered from the clutches of evil spirits
Bayyakka was under the bondage of evil spirits for 8 years. Neither medical doctors nor a sorceress could set her free from her trauma. One day Pastor Jayaraju was in her village going door to door sharing the Gospel. He came to Bayyakka’s house and she told him about her affliction. He prayed for her release and afterwards realised that she was free. Slowly her faith in the Lord started growing, and soon she decided to follow Jesus. She understood the power of Jesus is more powerful than the power of demons.
Two miracles for Bikkubai
A woman named Bikkubai had been suffering from bleeding for 6 years. Pastor Jayaraju learned of her pain as he was going door to door in her village, sharing the Gospel. He asked her to bring him a glass of water. She did and he prayed over it and she agreed to drink it in the name of Jesus. Immediately she was healing from her bleeding.
Bikkubai was so amazed by the miracle, she decided to follow Jesus and attend church to worship and learn more about Jesus. But there was no church congregation in her village, so she walked 12 miles by foot there.
But Bikkubai’s husband was opposed to this, beat her up and seriously damaged her spinal cord. This prevented her walking to the church. A few weeks later, she was shocked to see that she was bleeding again. She thought it might be because “I did not go to the church and do any prayer.” Immediately she phoned Pastor Jayaraju for prayer and she was again instantly healed.
After receiving her second miracle, she rededicated her life to the Lord and requested that Pastor Jayaraju come to conduct a prayer meeting at her house, so others would come to the Lord. New doors for evangelism were opened and new families for God are now in this particular village.
  • Though Bikkubai children are neutral but her husband still opposes her very much. Please pray for her husband and children that they come to know Jesus as Lord.
  • Please pray for Bikkubai’s complete healing from her spinal cord injury.
  • Please pray that the making of disciples would grow more rapidly in this village.
A Tale of the Unexpected
A fisherman family had been married for 17 years but no children. They tried everything – frequent medical check-ups, all sorts of prescriptions, worshipping many different god and goddesses. Finally they lost all hope of ever having children of their own.
Pastor Jayaraju heard about their story and went to see this family. He shared his own testimony how he got his motorcycle. “Though I was in desperate need of having a motorcycle, I never expected it would come to me. But some people were praying for me and wanted me to have it for the ministry. As God did this unexpected thing in my life, I believe the same God will surely do the same in your life.” After hearing this testimony, the fisherman family rose up in their faith and welcomed the pastor to pray for them.
After a month this couple announced to Pastor Jayaru with rejoicing hearts that his wife Sujatha was expecting a children. Praise God that they now have a baby girl named BLESSY.
Then Sujatha shared the Gospel and her personal testimony with her brother Vijay who had two children but sadly died. Now he believe in the Lord and has started attending prayer meeting fellowship.
  • Please for these families to stand firm in their faith because of opposition from their
    unsaved relatives.